In December I ran a hashtag on Instagram titled #FavBookCoversOf2015 where I posted photos of my favourite book covers throughout the year. Here is a compilation of them all ūüôā Make sure to follow me on Instagram for many more bookish photos in the future. Including my #ashrecommends photo every Sunday!

Make sure to check out these awesome folks who also participated in #favbookcoversof2015!

Happy Reading,

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December & Christmas Book Haul | 2015

Book Haul: Fantasy, Fairytales, Fanfiction & Fantastic Characters!

dec book haul books aquaredI feel like it has been ages since I did a book haul – because it has. I have not been buying books in recent months due to my lack of reading in recent months. Thanks reading slump…

But that is all going to change now!

Here is a round-up of the books I received or bought this December/Christmas. You can also view my book haul on YouTube here.

This book haul is also one of my favourite hauls I have done for the simple reason that almost all these books looks ah-mazing. I am beyond excited for The Kingkiller Chronicles and Winter is bound to be an amazing series end!

Without further ado – the books!

The Name Of The Wind


The Wise Man’s Fear


The Slow Regard of Silent Things 


Church of Marvels






Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda 


Carry On


Animal Farm



Let me know in the comments below what books you received or bought last month and which you are most excited for!

Happy Reading everyone!


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Announcements: #ashrecommends & #FavBookCoversOf2015

Beautiful covers and amazing novels, oh my.

Earlier this week I uploaded a video letting you all know I am launching two new segments on my blog/channel/social media. The first one being #ashrecommends and the second being #FavBookCoversOf2015.

#ashrecommends is a new segment on my Instagram and Blog where I will be posting a photo of a novel I personally recommend to Instagram every Sunday around 4 p.m. I have had numerous viewers ask me to do more This Then That videos on YouTube where I recommend books to read if you liked a certain book. If you like THIS then try THAT. However, finding enough books to recommend for one of those videos can be difficult and I like them to be well thought out, so I came up with this new idea: #ashrecommends. I will recommend a book I adored, simply because I liked it. The photo will be posted to Instagram at 4 every Sunday, with a blog post following soon after.

#FavBookCoversOf2015 is a month long segment on my Instagram where I will be posting a photo EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. IN. DECEMBER. of my favourite covers of 2015. This includes books that were released in 2015, books that I bought in 2015, and books I read in 2015. I want everyone to get involved with this too Рif you want to post photos of your #FavBookCoversOf2015  to twitter and/or Instagram I will be checking them every day and following everyone involved. At the end of December I will also be posting a blog post with the names of bookbloggers/bookstagramers who participated and their wonderful photos.

I’m so excited to be sharing these wonderful new ideas with everyone. I hope you all enjoy!

Happy Reading


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Cozy Reading Recommendations | Fall 2015

Curl up with a good book and a cup of tea! (or cocoa, or coffee!)


Recently I posted a video to my youtube channel with some of my favourite cozy reads for the fall/early winter time when you just want to curl up with a good book and a cup of something wonderful and warm. Here are a few of my top picks from that video Рif you are looking for the full list you can check out the video here.

1. Harry Potter

hp-philosopher-duddleThis is the first on the list because it is the most obvious. Harry Potter is the perfect cozy read. It has wonderful characters, and an immersive atmosphere – it’s magic! It is not only a fan favourite, and likely a book you’ve read before, but it is easy to finish in one sitting. Even if you already know how it ends, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Plus, every time I read this book I catch new easter eggs and fun things I never saw before.



2. The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough

gameofloveanddeathI read this wonderful novel back at the end of August and it blew me away. The plot sounded really interesting, but it could have been disasterous had it been executed poorly (cough, cough – this happens way too often), but, oh my, did this book blow me away.

Henry and Flora were great characters, but Love and Death took over the show for me. You don’t get to see them as often, as a reader, but the depth Martha Brockenbroough created within those characters in such a short amount of words has her on my radar.

In terms of coziness, this one is on the list because it is a love story with a lot of kick. Awesome historical aspects and beautiful writing.

3. Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan¬†

dashandlilyThis is definitely a December/Christmas read, and one of my favourite ones at that. Between the duel narration (one of my favourite ways to tell a story) and the New York City setting this book pulled me in right away. It reads like a wonderful New York City rollercoaster love story and it will have you laughing-out-loud while holding back dears.

Oh, and did I mention all the The Strand moments? Yeah. Yeah, those.




4. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

fangirlThis. Book. *swoon*

If you are in university, and still love YA (Yup, that’s me), or if you were, or still are, a huge Harry Potter nerd (Yup, me again), or you like to write stories/fanfiction (Me, again), or you just love a great YA contemporary – this one if for you.

The book boyfriend is to die for. The main character is adorable and relatable. The quirky side-kick is kick-ass and amazing.

Oh, and the whole book is based on a girl who writes fanfiction, and you get to READ IT! Who could ask for more?


5. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

sagaIf you are looking to cuddle up with a really quick and engrossing read, this is it.

Not only is this one of the best graphic novels I have ever read in my life, it is amazingly drawn.

This story follows a young girl and her parents through their story. The girl is telling the story to you when she is grown up of how her parents, who come from different planets (literally) and who were meant to kill one another, end up falling in love, and running away from everyone.

Yup, literally everyone wants to kill them and their half-breed daughter.




If you are looking for some more cozy-worthy reads make sure to check out my video! For now, I’m off to curl up under the covers and read.

Happy Reading

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7 in 7 Readathon | Announcement

7 in 7 1

It’s that time of year again – the time where you realize you are not in school, and the sun is shining and -OH MY GOODNESS- you have way to many TBR books! Well, Frankie, Dana and I are here to help you!

I will be helping to co-host the 7 in 7 Readathon alongside Frankie from insteadofgold and Dana from TheBookHoarder.

I posted a video explaining the general gist and rules earlier today, you can check it out here.

Essentially you are trying to read 7 things in 7 days (I know, but it isn’t as terrifying as you may think!) You can read books, graphic novels (look for a recommendation post soon, wink wink), plays, short stories, you name it!

The readathon takes place from Midnight Monday July 27th until Midnight August 2nd. Whenever it becomes the 27th for you and your timezone you start!

*There aren’t really any rules except:*
1. TRY TO Read 7 things in 7 days. IF you read 5, we will still be friends, I swear!

Suggestions from me!:
1. Participate online! Follow @7in7readathon on Twitter and follow me on Twitter and Instagram – all those things will have wonderful stuff going on throughout the readathon, and from experience I have found when I engage on social media I do better throughout a readathon! I will help pump you up!
*Plus I may be running some fun challenges… maybe!*
2. Choose things you not only want to read, but you realistically think you can get through! For example: I will likely choose 1-2 full novels and 5-6 graphic novels. That way I can, realistically, get all 7 finished! If I get more read, then GREAT!
3. Don’t push yourself too much, or feel bad at not reaching goals. This is supposed to be a fun readathon, don’t get stressed, if you need to put the book down – put the book down. It will still be there later, and so will we!

I hope to see you all reading your nerd hearts out!
Until then – Happy Reading,
– ashley

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Friday Reads – 07/10/15

Amazing covers & kick-butt females & cute contemporary! 

Friday reads border

Hey fellow booknerds!

I am back with my weekly #FridayReads post – filled with all the words I wanna retain over the weekend! This weekend, I will likely be reading a little less than normal because… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I turn a whopping 24-years-old on Sunday!

My best friends are coming over Saturday for a get together and I will be spending the day with Katie (who you may recognize from some of my collab videos!) on Sunday!

So that doesn’t leave a lot of time for reading… HOWEVER! I do still want to try and tackle a few things this weekend. I can multitask after all!

So here are my #FridayReads/#WeekendReads for this weekend!

everything everythingFirstly we have Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon!

This book follows Madeline, an 18-year-old with an extremely rare disease that makes her, essentially, allergic to the world. She has lived inside a white room, in her white medical house (basically inside a bubble) for the majority of her life. (She got a wonderful 5 months as a baby before she was diagnosed and trapped inside). She has been okay with it with her whole life Рshe has her mom and her nurse Carla. But them new neighbours move in. New neighbours with a broody, handsome son. A handsome son who is mysterious and sweet. For the first time she really sees the world outside her window as something she wants Рand for the first time, wishes more than anything she could have it.

I am already over half way into this book and man-oh-man is it ever good so far! I went into this thinking it would be good-to-okay because it was getting rave reviews, but it seemed kinda stereotypical – I was SO SO wrong. I am adoring the writing, the characters and the quirk! I need to finish it – now! I’m going to try and finish it tonight, before the ‘festivities’ begin!

ma marvelSecondly, I would like to finish Ms.Marvel Vol. 2: Generation Why.

Ms. Marvel is  an older Marvel character, previously known as Carol Danvers. But Danvers has moved onto a new role as Captain Marvel Рenter Kamala Khan. A quirky, nerdy, muslim girl who loves superheroes (she even writes fanfic!). Kamala gets turned into the NEW Ms.Marvel. But with new powers comes new responsibilities, and with new responsibilities comes more and more sneaky around. Can Kamala keep her family sane and her city safe?

Plus, in this volume we get some fun Ms.Marvel/Wolverine banter!

I started this earlier this week before picking up Everything, Everything and I am liking it so far. Ms.Marvel is a superhero comic I have been adoring recently and this volume is not disappointing. I loved the first volume, and believe it or not, this one seems to be possibly better (gasp) so I can’t wait to see where it is headed!

So there are my reads for this weekend! I know I normally have 3, but this weekend will be busy, so if I get to 3 I’d be surprised!

What are you planning to read this weekend!? Let me know in the comments.

Happy reading,
– ashley


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Friday Reads – 07/03/15

Graveyards and Alternate Realities and THE ODYSSEY! 

Friday reads border

Hello fellow booknerds! Here is your weekly #FridayReads post, where I tell you all the things I want to read today (and tomorrow, and the next day! It’s really a #WeekendReads post.. but shhh!)

ITS JULY! Hurrrrayyyy! July is full of amazing fun for me this year, on top of my birthday being this month, I also have a blogger convention and a concert I am attending this month! And, on top of all that, I plan to read.. A LOT!

So since this is my first Friday Reads in July, I am starting off with a bang. Let’s see if I can read like a maniac this weekend!

graveyard bookFirstly, I am currently reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman is like a writing god (in my books, at least) so I am very exciting to finally be starting this! It is based off the Jungle Book and follow Nobody Owens, a young boy being raised in the Graveyard by ghosts and someone named Silas. He is being raised by the Graveyard because the man named Jack killed his parents when he was a child and Nobody managed to escape – barely. So now, he is a person of the Graveyard, he lives there, learns there, grows up there. Then he meets someone from outside the Graveyard..

Honestly anything and everything Neil Gaiman does is precious and wonderful – so I doubt this will be any different!

Secondly, I want to tackle some graphic novels I have been wanting to read!

Photo: Ashley Metzger, Instagram: @ashawashh

Photo: Ashley Metzger, Instagram: @ashawashh

The Infinite Vacation is top of my ‘I need to read this graphic novel ASAP’ list. It is written by Nick Spencer (author of Morning Glories, aka my obsession) and it has a really awesome premise I can’t wait to see how to deliver on! It follows Mark, a man living in a world where you can buy and trade alternate realities as easily as sending a text message – but you can only trade with alternate yous. Mark trades a lot.. then one day he finds out a bunch of other hims are being killed. (Dun Dun Dahhhhhh)

*I have finished this novel now – on Friday – and IT WAS AMAZING!*

Photo: Ashley Metzger, Instagram: @ashawashh

Photo: Ashley Metzger, Instagram: @ashawashh

Another graphic I want to get to is ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward! This is a retelling of ¬†Odyssey. I don’t know much about it other than I love Matt Fraction’s other works and Christian Ward’s art is OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!






So there is my #FridayReads TBR for now! What are you planning to read this weekend? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Reading!
– ashley


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